Airport Transfers from Liszt Ferenc Airport

How to save money during your holiday in Europe?

Do not spend money when you travel by public transport or private airport transfers! Always make a plane before you travel and you will not sell for ways, which were not necessary.

Let me introduce you to a word of ‘money keeper’! The first time when I traveled to Budapest was amazing. Everybody told me great stories about friendly people and great prices.

However, Budapest also kept some surprises for me. I met with a lot of people during m Budapest Tours, such as drivers, local people, and stuff. Everywhere I found great services, but I never known before how can I find places where local people go usually. Where Budapest cities spend their free time, which restaurant or services they try.  The prices for tourist sometimes are a bit more than the normal. I mean, when you order a taxi or Budapest Airport Transfer or you eat in the restaurant then you need use the tools of the 21st century and get information about providers. This kind of tools, such Tripadvisor or Google, or Google Company Profiles gives opportunity for customers who already tried their services.

Let me give you an example! I was two times at Budapest after my first visit. I was very young and I don’t know nothing about the culture of the travel. I email for a hotel to book a stay in Budapest and I also booked my plane ticket with the help of travel organizer. This was before the Google starts rising and Tripadvisor was just a thing. It was very hard to travel. I was much smarter at the second time, I start using travel applications and Google search and I read a lot about Budapest. It was good for me to get smarter and be ready to travel. I spend one week at the first time in Budapest, my total budget was € 850 with stay and food. I went again to Budapest in 2014, my total Budget was only € 600.

Would you like to know what I did? I only ask services providers for discount and they gave it to me without any questions. I asked  Budapest airport transfer service for a discount and they give me 10% off the total price. I did it again later when I order a food from a great restaurant. I told them I will give great reviews and they agreed to my deal. It was very fantastic to using a gift of the internet word.